About Us

Aims of the Society:
We plan to bring a well-balanced programme of classical concerts of high quality to an area seriously deprived of cultural events of this kind. We feel there is a real need for a regular concert series of chamber, instrumental and vocal music of top quality for the people of this area.

The range of types of concert is considerable (click on the Events Calendar). One of our hopes is to include British music whenever possible, and artists have responded enthusiastically to this and included some fine works from this very rich repertoire.

Outreach work of various kinds (visits to schools, hospices, etc.) is also being envisaged from the start, not in every case but especially with artists who are known to be good at this kind of work and keen to do it. We are keen to encourage the performance of music by Kent-based composers, of whom there are a good many, including some talented young writers. We have included two outreach events recently.

The Eblana String Trio, prior to their concert in 2013, coached the Sittingbourne Encore String Chamber Orchestra, who then took part in the evening recital. Earlier this year the duo “Tavelling by Tuba” gave superb whole-school-performances at The Oaks and at Minterne schools prior to their evening recitals.

This season includes an outreach event for guitar players. Manus Noble will be running a whole-day-workshop and Highsted School on March 18th prior to his evening recital

As the Society becomes established, we hope to broaden our audience base and encourage local musicians both professional and amateur to take part. The inspiration provided to professionals and amateurs alike by attending high-quality concert performances by top artists is of great value in creating a cultural atmosphere of excitement and involvement.

Pauline Panton, LGSM,has kindly agreed to be a Patron of our society

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